Underwater Photos of Sporting Dogs Bursting with Playful Energy

underwater dogs

Dogs are just an endless source of enjoyment and entertainment, and their abilities are certainly not limited to just land-based activities. Award-winning photographer Seth Casteel shot some images capturing the very instant some sporting dogs come in contact with water, coming up with dramatic results.

underwater dogs photo

Casteel shot a collection of over 80 portraits, demonstrating the versatility of man’s best friend. The underwater photography is vibrant, exploding with lots of playful energy. Each photo in the series called Underwater Dogs is flooded with vigor and liveliness, also reminding us of the raw primal nature inherent but often latent in this domesticated animal.

photo underwater dogs

Seth Casteel has made dogs his main subject in his photography career. While he does shoot pictures of other species, his Underwater Dogs stands out, entertaining viewers everywhere. He has also profited from the works quite considerably through social media.  One night, the Los Angeles-based Casteel received a few emails saying that his photos posted to Reddit and Google+ were being bought.

underwater dogs photo series

He recounted the pleasant experience as he awoke one morning.”I woke up to a bunch of money in my bank account,” he said, and that he was deluged with so many orders for prints that his newly started online store was overwhelmed. At that time Casteel was barely making ends meet, coping to pay the bills after he purchased a waterproof camera case, an indispensible tool he needed to shoot the Underwater Dogs pictures. That investment surely paid off with a very swift ROI.

photo series underwater dogs

Images from his Underwater Dogs collection that were uploaded on Facebook have gotten close to 30,000 “likes” and have been shared almost 22,000 instances. Furthermore, Casteel’s website, which is usually host to approximately 200 visitors a day, is now crowded with in excess of 100,000 visitors daily.

photo series underwater dogs ball

Besides orders for more and more prints, Casteel says he’s received close to a thousand inquiries for private client shoots from all over the globe. That’s quite a far cry from the days he would struggle to pay the bills.

sporting dogs photo series underwater dogs

photo series underwater dogs sporting dogs

You can see Casteel’s work over on his website.

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