Unique Perspective: New York Through a Prism

view of new york through a prism

NYC Prism is a decidedly different look at the oft shot New York City. What may be an over-photographed metropolis is given a fresh breath of creativity. With the use of a rather simple tool, the photographer is able to inject something novel and distinctive. Some mistake these images for double exposures, but that is not the case. Surprisingly, all the shots were in fact, cleverly created in camera, and are actually single exposures.

manhattan skyline through a prism

New York City-based photographer Allen Skyy Enriquez (AKA The Zartorialist) achieved these effects by holding a prism in front of the lens to create more than one view of each location, while integrating the multiple images into one shot. It is a brilliant, but amazingly simple technique for merging many different points of view of his native NYC into one inimitable photograph.

views of nyc through a prism

What’s more is it doesn’t involve a trick like a multiple exposure shot or some complicated editing software. “What you see through the viewfinder when shooting through an object that bends light can often yield completely unexpected results when loaded onto a screen,” he tells TwoEight.

nyc skyline through a prism

The effect was achieved with none other than an inexpensive 6-inch glass prism, an object you can buy online for a mere $12. Holding the prism in front of the lens yields a unique perspective along with color aberrations that add another layer to the images. These are definitely not your typical New York City photos.

new york through a prism

The results speak for themselves. What Enriquez achieved were attention-grabbing, special effects shots. Even the editing capability of Photoshop in the hands of a skilled operator might be hard pressed to duplicate these effects. To think this is only his first completed project since he began shooting a few years ago. He is considering taking the nifty prism along with him in future travels, so stay tuned.

nyc through a prism

Take a look at all six photos of NYC Prism on The Zartorialist. You may also purchase the prints of his images here.

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