Updated VSCO Cam App Eagerly Anticipated by iPhoneographers

iPhone shutterbugs listen up! Users of the VSCO Cam can eagerly anticipate the release of the updated and improved camera App any time now. Based on a promotional video, there are some huge enhancements over the original VSCO program to come in version 2. Called the VSCO Cam in the teaser video, the company aims to satisfy the mobile editing community with the new features and editing capability. But the biggest surprise that is meant to please everybody is that it is going to be free.

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B2 Preset / Image by Ethan Luck
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M5 Preset / Image by Chris Ozer


“The new VSCO Cam™ represents major advancements in mobile photography image processing. Taking what we’ve learned from VSCO Film™, we’ve achieved results previously unattainable on an iPhone.” Claims the company of the forthcoming version.VSCO stands for Visual Supply Co. and has been responsible for the original VSCO Cam which they which they thank the iphoneography community for using, via their website thru these words,

“In the year since we launched the original VSCO Cam™, we have been amazed by the images you’ve taken and shared with the world. Thank you for joining us on this journey, but this is just the beginning.”

To raise the hype, they then tease saying, “In the near future, we will be launching the new VSCO Cam™. It will be an all new app, and best of all, it will be FREE. Sign up below to be notified when it launches.”

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You can also view the teaser video through their website which they have put-up for the general public to view. “The standard of Mobile photography is coming,” is the loud and proud herald being proclaimed on the website. Other features being expected of the enhanced App are likewise announced.

“Although free, VSCO Cam™ is fully-functional and well-equipped with top quality presets and tools needed to create beautiful images. The new app does include an in-app store, where you can download additional VSCO Preset packs tailored for specific situations and aesthetics.”

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F2 Preset / Image by Nicole Franzen

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