Upside Down Mirror in Center of Photographs Show Unique Perspective in Photo Series ‘Landscape Monoliths’

icebergs landscape monoliths

In the series Landscape Monoliths, photographer Reynald Drouhin transforms stunning landscapes by defining the middle portion of the image and turning it upside down. Each of these angular shapes is directly placed in the middle of the photo.

landscape monoliths dusk

From tranquil sandy beaches to soaring mountaintops, the Paris-based artist focuses on the vibrant colors and crisp lines of nature to create his abstract scenes. His monoliths introduce a hard, edgy, geometric quality to natural panoramas, blending the two contrasting elements.

landscape monoliths beach

A monolith is a geological feature that is made-up of a single, huge rock or stone such as some mountains, or a sole large portion of rock placed within a shrine or building. Erosion typically reveals the physical formations, which are usually made of immensely solid igneous or metamorphic rock.

landscape monoliths ice formations

In architecture jargon, the word monolith is often interchanged with megalith, which is used to refer to prehistory, and may be used in the framework of rock-cut architecture that stays attached to solid stone, such as in monolithic church, or for remarkably big rocks such as statues, obelisks, monolithic columns or large architraves, that may have been transferred a substantial distance after excavation.

big ice formations landscape monoliths

Brilliant light and reflections generate illusions of unfamiliar space in Landscape Monoliths. In the flawless shift from real, natural landscape to distorted image fragments, Drouhin gives his viewers the chance to see the world from impressively inimitable perspectives.

landscape monoliths cold climate

Drouhin begins his Landscape Monoliths using breathtaking natural scenery and overlays a monolith in the scene that is a sliced chunk from the image, reflecting, refracting, and transforming the landscape into a panorama that plays with our senses and conjures up thoughts of strange phenomenon or otherworldly dimensions.

landscape monoliths bridge

The images are yet another instance of Drouhin’s singular flair for using a combination of traditional photography with clever digital manipulation to generate mind bending photographs.

landscape monoliths ice

landscape monoliths clouds

landscape monoliths icebergs

landscape monoliths landscape

Survey the unique scenes created in the Landscape Monoliths series on Drouhin’s website as well as his other fascinating works.

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