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northern lights

French lensman Alban Henderyckx is an expert at capturing nature in its most awesome and natural state. His vibrant and vividly lucid photographs of immense panoramas as well as extraordinary geological landscapes capture the earth in its total splendor.

alban henderyckx

A dimension so dominant in these images is the stark contrast they contain between the vividly blue skies, icy cold waters, and beautiful formations of rock.  The images have the capacity to inspire you, and one is compelled to pack a bag and go travelling to the world’s most exotic locations. Henderyckx said, “When the horizon is open to me, I have a deep sense of freedom,” referring for his passion for trekking outdoors.

alban henderyckx photo

Henderyckx obviously has impeccable timing, which plays an important role in capturing beautiful imagery. Typically we see the stunning parts of the world in photographs which are beautifully captured by talented lensmen from all over the world.

alban henderyckx landscape

Henderyckx is one photographer, and he manages to perfectly show the beauty and the power of landscapes from the Arctic to the Indian Ocean, as well as many European locations through his pictures. Extremely dramatic and gorgeous views of nature are captured, from dreamy blue lagoons to ice blocks, seen through vast horizons and magnificent mountain ranges.

landscape alban henderyckx

Henderyckx is very discriminating in making sure only the purest of nature is captured. There is also an intangible sense of calm in his photos, as if he has frozen tranquil moments in time. Violent movements of water stand still, the sun is set motionless in the heavens, and fog rising seems devoid of any movement. His depiction of visual majesty reminds you of just how fantastic the world is, and it is exactly that message that Henderyckx desires to convey in his work.

alban henderyckx landscape photo

landscape photo alban henderyckx

landscape photography

See his magnificent photography in his website.

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