Vibrant Photos of Sugar-Based Dyes Exploding Against Endless Flows of Waves

Arnaud Lajeunie

Sometimes we need to see things in a different perspective to renew our interest. This is what Arnaud Lajeunie attempted to do in his newest series called Water meets colour, colour meets water. The Paris-based Lajeunie explores fresh manners of seeing the endless flow of waves by making them more visually interesting with the use of biodegradable, sugar-based dyes. Lajeunie’s infusion of color to the surging, flowing tides is captured using an exceptionally fast shutter speed, creating photos of vibrant landscapes in the ocean.


Seen in this context, one can observe more clearly the natural beauty and power of the crashing waves. The dramatic images appear violently beautiful as the colorful waves smash vigorously into rocks and then draw back into the ocean.

action shot water

The odd-looking colors in the water bring to mind oil spills or other unnatural events that have polluted the seas.  Lajeunie series throws you off balance, challenging the viewer to ponder the unharnessed power of the enigmatic ocean.


“Here, colour is seen as a raw material, as are the waves and the rocks. Colour adds density and thickness to transparent water, thus enhancing the flux fixation process,” said Lajeunie. As the colors mix into the ocean, the texture of the water seems to become denser and the movement of the waves turns more vivid, showing exactly where it goes while also revealing some multifaceted networks.

Arnaud Lajeunie water

One becomes mesmerized with the crashing waves of Water meets colour, colour meets water drawing the viewer into a hypnotic visual of shapes and swirls that would have otherwise been invisible to the naked eye. Lajeunie explained some of the techniques he employed in the work.

water Arnaud Lajeunie

“I rely on the camera as a device with technical features that can give tangible shapes to ever-moving fluxes, in this case the waves. The high shutter speed transcends the human reflex of persistence of vision: it reveals existing shapes that the ‘mortal eye’ cannot perceive on its own.”

Arnaud Lajeunie waterscape

See the mesmerizing images of Water meets colour, colour meets water here.

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