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Santa Barbara, California-based Morgan Maassen, like most photographers, began as a hobbyist, and soon found himself immersed not just in photography, but in the water as well. Not figurative water, but the beach to be more specific.  He was soon rubbing elbows with the surfing elite; Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson, Steph Gilmore and more superstars of surfing.

Morgan Maassen surf photography

He follows these personalities all over the world, from France, Tahiti, Hawaii and Indonesia.  But he loves the lifestyle. Maassen says the life and time he spends on the road has given him with the rare ability to keep on learning. As a child his parents already exposed him to traveling the globe making certain that, above all else, he was conscious of the vast diversity that exists in human beings.

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 “My parents really opened my eyes to art, architecture, nature, politics; pretty much every aspect that is appreciable about both the earth and mankind,” says Maassen. That early exposure to travelling has certainly left its indelible imprint, and travelling has remained a constant in his life.

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Nowadays, he is Quiksilver’s premiere photographer. It is his job to photograph the company’s elite surfers such as Kelly Slater and Dane Reynolds. How he does this task while still maintaining his trademark creative look makes him perhaps the finest surf photographer in the world, bar none. Icing on the cake is that Maassen is barely 25.

Morgan Maassen photos surfing

Growing up in Santa Barbara, it is no surprise that Maassen spends as a lot of time in the ocean. Some of his other pastimes are skimboarding, spearfishing or swimming.  His early way to success is a combination of old fashioned hard –work and some measure of good fortune.

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As the son of a fisherman, Maassen providentially grew up in the adventurous waters of the Pacific Ocean. When the camera bug bit as a teenager, it was a natural transition to photograph his surroundings.

Morgan Maassen surfing

See his amazing talent for capturing seashore action here.

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