Vibrant Water Splashes on the Heads of Bald Men in Photo Series, ‘Water Wigs’

man yelling with water mohawk

Los Angeles-based photographer Tim Tadder can be seen in his behind the scenes video explaining the philosophy that drives projects such as the bizarre Water Wigs. “If my images are my voice, I never want to be an echo. I always want to have a unique vision that people respect. You might love and you might hate it, but it’s my work and it’s different.”  His work certainly supports the talk, with his Water Wigs collection. It is a creative explosion, both figuratively and literally

man with exploding water balloon on head

Water balloons are methodically exploded over the heads of bald-headed men, and are precisely photographed to resemble hair pieces made of H2o. It is a meticulously prepared photo shoot that requires split second timing and perfect orchestration. The result is a totally hilarious, inane and entertaining set of images with men comically sporting water wigs.

water balloon on man's head

Getting the shots at the perfect moment is far from easy. Tadder’s technique needs the studio to be totally dark, with only the burst of flash as the light source. Models have to wear a facial expression that will blend with the water hairstyle that will present itself.

water balloon on bald head

Eventually, Tadder had to use a piece of high tech equipment to facilitate more consistent bursting of the water balloons; a thumb tack. Each bursting balloon yields unpredictable outcomes, but eventually, the perfect one always surfaces. Tadder himself weighs in on what he thinks of the results.

bald man water balloon on head

“The concept is simple and it is another visual exploration of something new and totally different. We found a bunch of awesome bald men and hurled water balloons at their heads, to capture the explosion of water at various intervals…. Our favorites are “The Don King,” “The Conquistador,” “The Jesus” and “The Friar.” he said. “Please share and comment, and I will try to get to all the questions I can! This was fun, complex, technical, and totally worth exploring more. There are much larger images with more detail on our website; check them out at”

water balloon on bald headed man

Visit Tadder’s Behance profile to see the side-splitting images from Water Wigs.

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