Vintage Camera Lens Bracelets Made of Aperture and Focus Rings

aperture ring

If you are a camera buff and want to make a fashion statement, look no further. Stefaan duPont ingeniously came-up with these clever accessories that surely announce you are a hooked shutterbug. These are of one-of-a-kind, re-purposed vintage camera lens bracelets, made from real old aperture and focus rings.

lens bracelets

Originally, these were meant as gifts for family and friends, but are now available for the public to purchase.  These items are the real deal, and are not to be confused by the baller band bracelets designed to just look like aperture or focus rings. Stefaan however did not just stumble onto this idea that easily.

aperture or focus ring

Stefaan is a confirmed photography addict; however he had to travel the world for a year with his girlfriend and cameras in tow, before realizing his relationship with photography is here to stay, and that it will be a lifelong passion.

bracelets made up of aperture or focus ring

He is totally immersed in the whole creative process, from visualizing shots in his head, taking the actual pictures, to capturing precious memories. He also keeps an open mind, embracing all the technology that makes the passion even more enjoyable. While traveling, they communicated with friends and family via the images they were collecting as the trip progressed. Thus came the idea of the bracelets as gifts, perfect embodiments of their zeal for photography.

aperture or focus ring DIY

Stefaan is a naturally crafty guy. He likes to take things apart and it was inevitable the he would see an aperture or focus ring, re-purposed on your wrist as a fashion statement. Soon, he started making bracelets out of the rings from damaged or retired cameras.

DIY aperture or focus ring bracelets

For him, the bracelets symbolize his memories of special times, as well as special people. Be forewarned that these distinctive, one-of-a-kind pieces don’t come cheap.  The 11 bracelets he initially created and seen in the online store range in price from $225 to $290.

DIY lens bracelets

Next surprise: the bracelets have been selling well despite the hefty price tag. Stefaan must be sitting on a potential cash cow here. You will have to subscribe to his website to be notified of the next batch of original bracelets (or perhaps find an old camera and create some bracelets yourself, that is, if Stefaan hasn’t gotten any patents and trademarks for the concept yet.) Take a look at his original accessories here.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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