Visually Dramatic Series of Vertical Panoramic Shots of Churches

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Richard Silver achieves the absolutely sublime in his spectacular pictures of churches that show entrance to altar all in one sweeping image. Just as one would normally crane his head when in the midst of magnificent architecture, Silver makes you do the same with his panoramic views of church interiors. Collectively called Vertical Churches, Silver takes us on a virtual tour of superbly designed church ceilings and interiors around NYC and elsewhere.

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Each photo is a vertical inner vista made-up of 6-10 photos combined seamlessly together. Taking shots from the entrance all the way to the altar, the visual sweep of the whole church interior captures the intricately designed confines of each place of worship.  He has since expanded his series to consist of cathedrals and basilicas from across the globe. In a recent interview, Silver spoke of the technique he employs to create the breathtaking images.

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“To actually take the photos only takes about a minute as long as there is no one in the way of me taking the shot and if I do not use a tripod. If I have the time and am allowed to use a tripod, about 5 minutes. The real work is done once I am in front of my computer. By using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, I merge the 6-10 photos together to create the Vertical Panorama, this takes about 20 minutes to complete. So the full time allotted I would say from start to finish is about half an hour for each photo,” shared Silver of the surprisingly straightforward methods he uses. His own body flexibility proved to be an impediment initially, getting in the way of a perfect pictorial as it refused to bend more in his attempt at capture the ideal raw shot.

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“The first time I did it, I almost hurt my neck by trying to shoot the ceiling without physically turning around,” he wrote. Since his lack of flexibility was not cooperating, it was at that point that he decided to blend a series of images instead. Whatever the technique was, Vertical Churches is a definite winner.

interior architecture

See Silver’s unbelievable concept perfectly executed in his stunning images here.

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