Weddings Unveiled Magazine Rejects Same-Sex Marriage Ad

wedding ad by anne almasy

“I chose this picture because, to me, it says love. It says home. It says joy,” wrote Anne Almasy in her letter to Weddings Unveiled magazine regarding the ad she was submitting. Their intial response, however, was not favorable.

“Is there possibly another photograph you’d like to use in your ad? We just don’t feel comfortable publishing an ad featuring a same-sex couple. These aren’t our personal beliefs, of course, but, you know…”

Almasy replied with a resounding “No, I don’t have another photograph I would like to use.”

“I could’ve chosen any number of lovely pictures of a smiling bride with her tuxedoed groom, or a clever detail shot of brooch bouquets and feather boutonnieres, or one of those dancing photos with the lens flare and the motion… but I wanted to publish a photo that says something about me as a photographer; about my philosophy; about my heart for photographing these momentous (and often wonderfully ridiculous) celebrations.”

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Betsy & Matt Getting Married


In her open letter to the magazine, she writes that she was not trying to advertise to “the gay community”, but “to couples who are getting married” period. Weddings Unveiled refused to run the ad, with the editor stating, “I’m not saying we won’t ever publish a same-sex wedding. It just isn’t the right time,” towards the end of her phone call with Almasy.

Weddings Unveiled released a public apology as a response to Almasy’s open letter:

We are Terri and Brooke, the publishers of Weddings Unveiled Magazine. We hope that you will allow us the opportunity to address an important issue that has angered and disappointed many people. We are incredibly sad that same sex marriage is still an issue in our society. When we were faced with the decision of whether or not to publish Anne Almasy’s advertisement, we acted in a manner that does not reflect our personal beliefs. We truly believe that all love is beautiful and that all people have the right to marry. You might ask that if we feel that way, then why did we make this decision? Honestly, we knew that everyone would not share our belief that all people have the right to marry. The issue is very sensitive and it is also very divided. We knew that it was possible that people would be offended if we published the ad and we knew that it was possible that people would be offended if we did not. We are so sorry that we acted out of fear and uncertainty. We had never been faced with such a decision and we should have acted with our hearts.

We are two women who operate a small business that we care deeply about. We love all weddings. We love all people and would never want to anger, offend or disappoint anyone. We are deeply moved by the outpouring of love and support for Anne. We are so sorry that we have disappointed you and we ask for your forgiveness. If Anne would still like to run her ad in Weddings Unveiled, then we would be proud to publish it.

Terri and Brooke

It’s no secret that same-sex marriage is still the subject of many discussions. Some say it’s immoral, while some say it’s perfectly natural, that it should be allowed and legalized everywhere. Some stand by their religious beliefs and their personal interpretations of those teachings. Others simply don’t care and just want everybody to get along. Whatever side you’re on, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the actions that took place. If you were the publishers of Weddings Unveiled magazine, would you have reacted the same way?

Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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