What A Balanced Diet Looks Like… Literally

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Ricettario A balanced diet is a collaborative work buy food stylist Elena Mora and photographer Karsten Wegener. It is so far a meager four photo series featuring some popular food dishes presented in a most unusual way. They are namely Pizza Margherita, Apple Cake, Minestrone and Salmon. The different dishes are shot with their respective ingredients arranged, but not in a recognizable way we are accustomed to. Instead the ingredients are stacked, set and flimsily balanced with each other. The delicate arrangements are meant to allude to a healthier eating consciousness, a “balanced diet” to be exact. The food creations are set against solid color backdrops that enhance the natural appearances of the raw ingredients.

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One wonders how Mora managed to stack the food items in such delicate ways, and how they adhere together in a very fragile balance. Wegener provides the crystal clear photography to appreciate this unusual art/food statement. It is a decidedly playful and whimsical concept that conveys its message of a “balanced diet” effectively well. Ricettario directly translated means recipe book.

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More on Elena Mora is contained in her website which reads,

“Elena is an Italian freelance stylist and set designer currently living in Hamburg.Elena had the chance to live in Finland experiencing cold days and long summer nights while studying at the Lapland University. She moved to Berlin where she worked at Blotto Design and Jutojo as well as been working at the Milan based publishing house Mousse Publishing.”

Mora is also co-founder of Tinaa, a creative studio based in the city of Milan, which specializes in editorial design, art direction, video installation and set design.

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Ricettario A balanced diet is not the first time for Elena Mora and photographer Karsten Wegener to work together as a team. They also joined talents for Fit For Fun magazine.

To see Ricettario A balanced diet and the other works of the food stylist Mora, visit her website here.

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