Whimsical Photo Series Featuring a Sleeping Toddler Set Against Creative Backgrounds

child abducted by alien

Leave it to mothers to come up with the most outlandish ideas when it comes to their tiny tots. Featured here is one such mom, who fortunately can take her ideas a step further, being a photographer. Her name is Queenie Liao, and she is a free-lance artist and mother of three boys living in California.

kid playing with rapunzel background

Liao tries to answer the age old question, “What do kids dream about?” By doing so, she designed a series of photographs depicting her child Wengenn while sleeping.  Liao drew inspiration from other doting mothers like herself, such as Adele Enersen and Anne Geddes, putting her own touch on the fantasy driven idea.

toddler flying away

Using her collective talents, Liao came-up with enchanting ideas using ordinary household materials as props to produce a dreamland fit for her little Wengenn.

baby sleeping on musical road

She has christened the project Wengenn in Wonderland, and even wrote briefly about it on Facebook.

“Straight to the sweet and innocent baby years to do more recording… So I decided to put my motherly love, a passion for photography and creative blend of and made into this one photo album “Wengenn in Wonderland”… to me it is the most precious memories… But this rare opportunity to share with you .. I hope you like”

crane game toddler

Wengenn in Wonderland is now a large collection of more than 100 photos that depicts her son in deep slumber, while he visits many different places of enchantment and wonder. The results were extremely cute and charming, and soon a demand for more on the internet was created. Now Liao has to raise the bar for even more fantastic scenarios.

cowboy baby

See her captivating Wengenn in Wonderland series here.

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