Wildlife Photographer Captures Imposing African Elephants in a Series of Beautifully Raw Candid Pictures

peter delaney

Wildlife photographer Peter Delaney documented some imposing African elephants in a series of beautiful and raw candid pictures. Delaney saw the mammoth animals as they were moving along the arid plains, kicking up a lot of dust and while refreshing themselves with a drink from a shallow water reservoir.

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The skies above revealed a cloudless day and with practically no shade, one can almost sense the blistering, sweltering African heat.  Delaney’s series also reveals and depicts the gentler side of these creatures, a touching familial bond between them as their large trunks intermingle, with groups moving together in small herds.

peter delaney photos

African elephants are elephants of the category Loxodonta.  The species consists of two surviving species: the African bush elephant and the slighter African forest elephant. Loxodonta is one of two remaining groups of the family, Elephantidae.

peter delaney photos elephant

Fossil remains of Loxodonta have been found only in Africa. One class of African elephant, the bush elephant, is the biggest living terrestrial animal, while the forest elephant is the third biggest. Their thickset bodies stand on stubby legs, and they have dipped backs. Their huge ears allow heat loss. Their upper lip and nose together form a trunk. The trunk functions as a fifth extremity, a sound amplifier, and a key method for touch.

peter delaney photography

For Delaney, a trip in 2001 to Africa started a new phase in his life as a lensman. Overcome by the continent’s immensity, Delaney journeyed to the forest of Bwindi, the mountains of Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, and into the shores of Lake Malawi as well.

peter delaney photography elephants


For the past five years, he has been fine tuning his craft as a fine art photographer so he can shoot images of high quality. His ultimate intention “is to transport the viewer, inspire and to ignite a passion for all life and environs on our wonderful planet.”

peter delaney photography african elephants

Seeing these images, it could be said that Delaney has achieved that intent.

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