Wistful Photos of Nature Captured Against the Radiance of Evening Light

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Polish photographer Emerald Wake captures the radiance of evening light as she explores nature’s grasslands with her camera.  Her macro photography is exceptional in the shots of the serene evening light as it casts radiance on nature.  Awash in a warm, evocative glow, these images depict a melancholic side to nature. Wake’s wistful shots reflect her own personality, as she expresses what drives her art.

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“I Hide tragedy in every my image, You need to look in very delicate way to see this , I have always two meanings in macro , portrait and landscape , I create abstract as well , it is a big fun create a story inside every work, 1 % artist sees this , others is just a viewers . My gallery is a curious project fits every wide taste, thank You that you came here, visit me soon again, EM”

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Wake began her photography journey in 2005 when she held a job in a photo lab. During that same period she also did other work within the photography industry. Photography is now a major part of her life and is also an outlet for the way she expresses herself. She is particularly fond of macro, portrait, landscape, and abstract photography.

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She also observes a specific schedule behind the camera. As far as Wake is concerned, she creates all her work only in the evening because she senses that it is the ideal time of the day to be indulging ones artistic nature. It is during this time of day that she points her macro lens on the world around her, uncovering out of sight treasures. She finds these riches on spider webs, leaves, and anything else you may find in a typical yard. Wake may not be aware of it, but her macro photography is as fine as it gets.

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Her images have titles to them, examples of which are: Dragon Nature, In the warm Sun, Inati, Last Seconds, Leaf, Lost Moments, Pan-anam, and Point of Interest, just to name a few.

macro photography leaf

Check out her portfolio for impressive macro imagery as well as her other notable works in 1x,  fotoblur  and  500px.

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