Woman is Pictured in Exotic Destinations Wearing Her Wedding Gown

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One woman’s exasperation is another one’s charm. Such would be the case with Jennifer Salvage. While other typical females would lament the absence of a lavish wardrobe, Jennifer celebrates just one dress. Not just any dress however, but her wedding gown. The piece is a lovely, white Maggie Sotero creation purchased from Destinations, and unlike single-time worn bridal gowns, this dress has been used dozens of times in many locations around the globe. Thanks to a photography project courtesy of Jennifer’s husband, Jeff, she and the special dress are showcased in a charming and unique series called, One Dress One Woman One World.

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After the dress’ debut at the couple’s wedding on Easter Island in Chile,  Jeff wanted Jennifer to wear her dress several more times to give him the chance to photograph her under different lighting conditions,  using the island’s iconic sights and landmarks as backdrop.

riding horse bride gown

This would ultimately lead the couple to embark on a worldwide photo-adventure. Jeff would henceforth capture Jennifer in her exquisite dress in such scenic locations like Peru, Greece, the Bahamas, and Jamaica, just to name a few.

bride in gown overlooking scenery

The couple and the unexpectedly hard-wearing bridal gown have traveled close to 150,000 miles around the globe, visiting more than 100 spectacular locations found in 19 countries.

kayaking bride in gown

“In my wildest dreams, I never would have thought the dress would last this long,” mused Jeff in an article on My Modern Met. “I think we’ll wear out before the dress does, without a doubt.” One Dress One Woman One World, is a work in progress, and the travel loving couple already have plans for the summer of 2014.

bride in gown feeding pelican

Jeff and Jennifer Salvage’s itinerary is all set, with plans to shoot in Singapore, Thailand and China. Part of the project’s vision is for other people to “experience the world through the eyes of a bride.”

bride in gown riding camel

bride in gown parachuting

bride in gown city walls

See some of their amazing photos from One Dress One Woman One World here.

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