Women Creatively Dressed in Colored Milk Featured in ‘Splash Heroes’ Calendar

Splash Heroes

Like all years, there are many calendars available for 2015 with practically every theme you can imagine. However there is none that can in any way be similar to Splash Heroes. This unique calendar features naked women who have been creatively dressed in colored milk.

splash heroes calendar

While this may be difficult to imagine, (and it is,) one look at any of the 12 months gives you the idea right away. It is difficult to imagine the process involved, and indeed it is an intricate one that is both time consuming and post processing intensive. The innovative images are the result of the work of Polish photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz, who specializes in working with liquid.

calendar splash heroes

Wieczorkiewicz runs Aurumlight, the same company that earlier created Milky Pinup, which went viral on the internet and was later purchased by FairLife Milk for an advertising campaign. Splash Heroes is the new 2015 calendar, and it contains lady super heroes depicted in their costumes made of milk. Among the super heroes in the collection are Wonder Woman, She-Hulk, Super Girl, and Storm, among others.

jaroslav wieczorkiewiz

Wieczorkiewicz creations are technical and creative challenges that need lots of work and as one can imagine, can be very, very wet! These milk clothed ladies require lots of estimations and precise placement of milk poured on their naked bodies as well as exact timing of the camera/flash trigger. Then there comes the hours of post-production as Wieczorkiewicz creates the composite image combining many images into one. Wieczorkiewicz recently spoke of the project and its technical challenges.

jaroslav wieczorkiewiz splash heroes calendar

“Fast duration flash lights are essential when working with liquids. During the shoot we were using up to eight and on occasion nine heads. Paul C Buff Einstein E640 to be specific–I have a good bunch of them.We were shooting this series on three different cameras: Nikon D800, Phase One IQ280, Phase One IQ240. Solid sturdy tripod is a must – I use Manfrotto platform system build from Gitzo Giant legs, Manfrotto crossbar with laptop plate and the Manfrotto 405 geared head on another end. That is my favourite setup!”

splash heroes jaroslav wieczorkiewiz

Interested parties can purchase the calendar here.

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