World Famous Skylines Inverted Revealing a Skyscraper Silhouette Made of Sky

buildings made of sky

Peter Wegner sees the urban landscape quite differently. Instead of seeing buildings, he sees the voids sandwiched between them. Wegner saw a unique opportunity to create a theme with this perception, and he has been shooting the spaces between buildings to create a new urban iconography; he calls this series Buildings Made of Sky. The collection is taken from sunrise till twilight by the artist in the world famous skylines of New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

buildings made of sky photo series

For 10 years now, Wegner has been photographing the urban structures and sky sculptures. Using simple techniques of inverting the image, the spaces he finds in between these goliath structures frame the shape of the silhouette skyscrapers. The outlines he is able to shoot mirror the tall angular shapes of these buildings.

photo series buildings made of sky

Wegner still remembers the time when he ‘saw’ the hidden shapes formed in the spaces between these towering structures. “Walking down the street in New York one day, I glanced up and saw an invisible building suspended between the others. It was upside down, the color of air …” Wegner, realizing he had seen a great thematic opportunity, proceeded to photograph these imperceptible ‘buildings’, made-up of a bright blue or violet twilight sky.

buildings made of sky peter wegner

The last part of the process for Wegner is turning the images upside-down, revealing a skyscraper silhouette. They are not readily apparent to the ordinary eye, but when seen together in a series, the formations become very obvious.  Each one is unique and distinct, all boasting of modern skyscraper architecture with an amazing amount of detail.

peter wegner buildings made of sky

Wegner refers this visual exercise as “the contest between nothing and something.” Some of the works from Buildings Made of Sky were exhibited at The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, The Leipzig Museum, Leipzig DE and at The John Paul Getty Center in Los Angeles. Peter Wegner graduated from Yale University and his growing body of work is part of the permanent collections of many museums in key cities around the world.

photo series peter wegner buildings made of sky

See his creatively distinct Buildings Made of Sky here.

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