World’s Smallest Wireless Flash Trigger Ever, Now Available for $39


While there may be many wireless flash trigger systems, one common denominator to almost all of them is size. Most of them are a bit big, and these days, just about everyone wants things in smaller packages.  This is exactly the niche FlashQ is targeting. Most people with cameras on the smaller side want a flash trigger that won’t dwarf their unit. That’s exactly what FlashQ’s size is proportioned after.

flash trigger wireless

At present being crowdfunded on IndieGoGo, the FlashQ is an amazingly small and cost-effective flash trigger that will permit you to utilize a wireless flash on small camera bodies. The FlashQ can control a total of eight receivers with one trigger at a distance of up to 20 meters. The only expected drawback besides the relatively short range is the maximum sync speed which is limited to 1/250th.

flashq trigger

The FlashQ also does not have TTL functionality. Having said that, its advantages still outweigh those minor shortcomings. You just attach the FlashQ, a cube shaped transmitter, to your camera’s hot shoe and the FlashQ receiver attaches to your remote flash.  You can immediately begin shooting with better control of light and produce well-lit images with much more ease.  FlashQ is meant to be compatible with most compact system cameras as well as SLR’s.

flash q in use

If the crowd funding efforts are a success, a FlashQ trigger/receiver combo will set you back for decent $39. An early-bird funding deal of $30 has sold out, so if that’s any indication of how it will go, grab your $39 deal before that runs out too. It comes in 4 colors – midnight black, snow white, macaron pink and knight blue. Check out the video and learn more over at the IndieGoGo campaign if you want to to help this cute flash trigger cube become a success. It looks to be a pretty solid product.

hot shoe compatibility

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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