Zeiss CZ.2 70-200/T2.9 Compact Zoom Lens Provides Photographers a Wide Range of Drool-Worthy Options

700-200mm zeiss

Carl Zeiss has recently rolled out the CZ.2 70-200/T2.9 compact zoom lens and the company says it gives movie makers the ability to use just one lens to take care of the short to long telephoto range. Weighing a mere 2.8kg the lens is also an excellent addition for smaller and lighter HD cameras and perfect for handheld use.  The Compact Zoom CZ.2 70-200/T2.9 is suggested to retail at US$19,900 (excluding VAT).

zeiss compact zoom lens

These new Compact Zoom lenses are quite versatile and powerful,  incorporating features never included before. They are very handy and small and with their zoom lengths of 28-80mm and 70-200mm, they provide photographers a wide range of artistic options. Their light size and weight make them perfect for even the most elaborate projects, including shooting in cramped spaces. With their sturdy, cine-style housing, as well as full-frame coverage and interchangeable mounts, these lenses will be reliable tools for many years.

compact zoom 70-200mm zeiss lens

“The Compact Zoom CZ.2 70-200/T2.9 is first in a line of zoom lenses designed for the owner- operator from Carl Zeiss that allows them to be used with a wide variety of current and future cameras, because of their compact design, full- frame coverage and interchangeable mounts”, says Christian Bannert, Senior Director for Research and Development at the Carl Zeiss Camera Lens Division. “There has never been a zoom lens on the market with similar features,” added Bannert.

The Compact Zoom CZ.2 lenses comes with an 18-blade aperture, producing a round iris opening and a natural, out of focus rendition. Its cine-style housing with gearing permits the connection of any standard follow-focus system. Having the versatile mounts for PL, EF, F, MFT and E, the Compact Zoom CZ.2 lens can be effortlessly interfaced to many camera systems and guarantees compatibility with future cameras as technology evolves. The Carl Zeiss T* anti- reflection coating provides optimal contrast and color rendition by limiting stray light and ghosting inside the lens. It produces flare-free results and has no focus shift over the entire zoom range. Add a 4k capability and would-be cinematographers will be salivating to get their hands on these babies as soon as possible.

Read more about the Compact Zoom CZ.2 Lenses here.

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