Realistic HDR for Landscape and Architectural Photographers

This HDR Photography eBook has been created based upon our own experience. All of our research has been done on the Internet using free sources such as photography forums and blogs. The rest has been learnt through our own experimentation based on a trial and error approach.


Create Mindblowing HDR Images

HDR Architectural Photograph

Most books and tutorials displaying nice HDR images inside won’t show you the 100% crop of the full sized image. You’ll never see that they contain artefacts, aberrations, loss of details, noise, blur, etc. inside of the image. You’ll only find those imperfections when it comes time to print your images. This eBook will show you how to create clean, sharp, crisp and colorful mind-blowing images you will be proud of. We will open up to you an uncovered path to HDR photography, something that you won’t find anywhere else.


Learn to Remove Halos

HDR Seascape Photography

When it comes to producing a realistic HDR image, one of the most challenging areas are Halos around objects. In chapter 2 of this eBook, Alex describes how to remove halos and artefacts using Adobe Photoshop.


We’ll show you the real stuff

HDR Nature Photography

We have tried to make this book as simple and effective as possible, in doing this you won’t find any theoretical information about the science behind HDR processing in this eBook. If you need to learn more about the science behind HDR Photography, there are many online resources that exist and we’ve included some in our suggested for reading links at the end of this book. What we will show you however, is how we create our realistic style of HDR photography using real examples and explaining our step by step workflow. It doesn’t matter if you are a working Pro, Amateur or just an Enthusiast, the knowledge we are sharing will help you take your HDR Photography to the next level. From our own experience we have found that HDR can be used as a very powerful tool in commercial architectural and real estate photography.


What Kind of Format is this eBook in?

Realistic HDR for Landscape and Architectural Photographers is a downloadable PDF eBook, which can be viewed on a number of devices – laptop and desktop computers, iPhone or Android devices, iPads, and other tablets.

For iPad specific users, you can download this ebook (or any pdf document) directly to iBooks, which will allow you to access it at any time. Click here for a very handy guide that shows you exactly how to put this book into your iBooks app.

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